Crystal Mountain, WA. Conditions Report: Winter is Here! Finally.

Reid Pitman | | Conditions ReportConditions Report

Winter is finally here! Opening week was EXCELLENT. Pow for days, especially for those who are light on their feet. Even creeks were filled in.


Cori Bucherl finding the goods during the storm


Then the rains came. Then the high pressure. At first we were kinda happy to be skiing groomers in t-shirts, and then we remembered that it was DECEMBER and high time for a big ol’ winter storm.  Crystal’s investment in snowmaking seems to have paid off – the lower mountain stayed totally filled in through our brief return to spring skiing. Not that I don’t like riding groomers in a Tshirt. But dammit it’s December and there’s just something about a good ol’ winter storm to make Crystal feel like home.

Crystal mountain jib session
Dom Burker spring skiing

I love spring skiing, but storm days and unlimited pow are what makes Crystal really feel like home. Monday night and Tuesday heralded the return of pow. Hot pow. Cascade concrete. But we love it and make it look good. Plus, it’s good for the base!

Crystal Mountain from the East
Finally wearing her winter coat

Wednesday’s upper mountain opening was off the hook . They’d kept it closed Tuesday because of high winds, and to help the base recover without humans smashing down to rocks again. I’m pretty sure half of Seattle took the day off work. But everyone seemed pretty stoked considering how powder starved they were.  REX and Green Valley opened up around 9:15 with some steeper areas a bit later in the day (after I was already at work).


It felt really good to do front side runs for the 1st time all year!  The snow was so deep in spots I felt like even 136mm underfoot was too narrow to stay on top.

The storm was followed up by a few days of sunshine and cold, so the snow has remained in great shaped. Bluebird pow days, what??

Chair 6 and Northway opened today! Couldn’t be happier to see Crystal open wall to wall! Coverage is thin along ridges and high traffic zones, but that’s pretty common this time of year. Bring your rock skis and pay attention to caution signs. They’re not messing around. Then, enjoy.

Gondola rides with friends
Cori and Joe stoked to ski sunny groomer


Utah skiers might have something to complain about in terms of our snowmaking out here on the west but we’re now getting the real stuff delivered from Mother Nature and Old Man Winter.

Snow Report:

Crystal Mountain Snow Report


NOAA forecast

Photo Tour:

Christy Pelland in Memorial
Christy and Cori crushing frontside powder
I need bigger skis. Photo Christy Pelland
Cori and I hot lapping Green Valley. Photo Christy Pelland
Spring in December
Dan Bott slashing spring conditions


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