Dogs Will Soon Be Joining Us Skiing On The Hills!

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Soon you might see dogs on ski hills alongside their owners!
Dog ski gear is coming and we can’t wait to enjoy the powder with our fluffy friends! — Credit: Whistle

One of the biggest downsides of ski days is that usually you’re forced to leave your beloved pooch at home. However, dogs may soon be joining us on the hills as dog ski gear is expected to be hitting the markets in the next few months. Dogs have been wearing coats and boots for snowy days for years now, but actual skis and bindings designed for dogs are expected to be the new look for next year.

Dog ski gear is coming!
Your pup might need some practice but quickly they’ll be keeping up everywhere you go. — Credit: The Celebrity Dachshund

Dog ski gear will include coats, boots, bindings, skis, helmets, and googles so that your pup can be fully outfitted for a day on the hills. Of course, these will be available for dogs of all sizes, and specialized extra-long leashes will also be available if you are worried about your dog getting away from you while you are skiing. Depending on your dog’s weight, height, and breed, different lengths and widths of skis will be easiest for them to manage, and your local sports store will be able to help you make the best choice for your best friend, just like when you are buying your own skis.

Ski gear for dogs is soon hitting the markets.
Dogs are seen on the hills as ski patrollers and avalanche rescue assistance, but now they’re enjoying the snow as well! — Credit: The Inertia

Many dogs will take some practice and training to be able to handle themselves on the hills, but after a little time on the puppy hill, most dogs should be fine to enjoy almost all of the places you love to adventure! Many people have tried to integrate their dog into their fun by having their dog run alongside them, or having them pull them along (a sport called skijor racing with dogs), but now your dog can have just as much fun as you and won’t get as tired running around after you. Ski resorts are expected to change some aspects of their operation and lifts to accommodate their new visitors, and these new features should roll out next season.

Dogs have been involved in the skiing and snowboarding world for years as ski patrol helpers, avalanche rescue dogs, and more. Now they can become even more part of the community and we can’t wait to see our fluffy friends skiing alongside us through the powder!

You can also enjoy skiing with your pup without actually putting skis on them, as detailed here.

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