Edelrid Climbing Co. CEO and “Gear Innovator” Dies in a Paragliding Accident

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Carsten von Birckhahn dies in paragliding accident.
Edelrid CEO dies at age forty-nine. Photo courtesy of Edelrid.

Carsten von Birckhahn, the CEO of Edelrid– a climbing gear company- died in a paragliding accident last Saturday at age forty-nine.

If you’ve ever dabbled in the climbing world chances are you’ve come across Edelrid’s gear. By ensuring that all of its rope meets the stringent bluesign® standard, Edelrid set new safety benchmarks all throughout the industry. Edelrid is diverse in its four sectors of sports, safety, adventure parks, and industry, yet at the same time they deliver unparalleled quality.

Von Birckhahn’s innovation in creating safer rope braiding techniques and a more sustainable production process made him a key influencer in the outdoors industry and garnered him much respect throughout the climbing community.

Sadly, Von Birckhahn died after a crash landing while he was paragliding in Val di Mello in northern Italy.

Below is Edelrid’s full statement on von Birckhahn’s death that was released on their website:

“He was a ‘pioneer’ and a ‘hands-on man’, ‘a mountain enthusiast’ and a ‘gear innovator’. He made his vision – making the world safer and simpler for mountain sports enthusiasts – the mission for a whole company. Thanks to his innovative drive, his tireless commitment, his experience and great love for mountain sports, EDELRID is today one of the most successful mountain sports brands on the market”.

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