El Colorado and La Parva In Chile Prepare For Opening This Week

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Chile, Valle Nevado
Westside Face, Valle Nevado, Chile, Powday. Credit: Nevasport

The waiting has come to an end as El Colorado and La Parva in Chile prepare for their opening this week. About two months have passed since the first snowfalls and the Ski Centers considered the season lost due to the coronavirus. Today in August the reality is different.

With a new protocol proposed by the government, the Ski Centers in the Central Valley are ready to operate and go. El Colorado, La Parva, and perhaps Valle Nevado will have to comply with the strict protocol proposed by the Chilean government to combat the possible outbreak of the coronavirus in this white scenario.

However, Chile is still in quarantine in many regions and with a national curfew, due to this the Central Valley Ski Centers will only be able to operate during the week.

El Colorado, Chile
Capital of the snow, El Colorado, Chile. Credit: Facebook

The newspaper El Mercurio published this morning that El Colorado is preparing to open its ski slopes during the week. If current conditions are maintained, the Ski Center is scheduled to start operating on Wednesday 19th.

This news was confirmed by the CEO of Andacor owner of the winter facility, Peter Leatherbee, who reported that the Ski Center was approved by the Chilean government to operate under strict COVID protocols. The executive explains that it will be a gradual opening, with a first stage that will last 10 days and a maximum capacity of 200 people.

During this gradual opening, the only snow lovers who will be able to enter and ride the place are the high season pass holders with a maximum capacity per day. As the imposed protocols work, El Colorado will evaluate online ticket sales and increasing its capacity to 30%.

Chile, La Parva, El Colorado
The town of La Parva, Chile to the distance from the last curves. Credit: Snowbrains

La Parva didn’t stay behind and will open on Tuesday, August 18th. Like the aforementioned enclosure, it will occupy the same formula, that way the transition stage can be optimal and evolve in a good way against possible infections of COVID-19.

The Cathedral of Pow will allow season passes and pre-sold tickets holders to enjoy all the 30 trails available. The Ski Center won’t have tickets sales in person, all the purchases must be online. As well, it is unknown how the gradual opening process proposed by La Parva will evolve up to the minute.

Valle Nevado, Chile
Valle Nevado, the largest winter resort in South America, Chile. Credit: GoChile

Valle Nevado has had the movie a little more complicated. The Ski Center is facing organizational complications for its possible opening, so it hasn’t been able to stand aside from its two competitors in the town of Farellones.

Through a statement, they assured that 75% of the workers live in communes that are still in quarantine, a condition that doesn’t allow them to have it and therefore prevents them from operating normally. The sanitary restrictions are in force to prevent workers from living in quarantined communes from moving to their workplaces.

With this news, Chile is preparing for next week to welcome the 2020 snow season! Let’s hope that the Ski Centers together with the Chilean Government can maintain sanitary measures to avoid future infections.

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