Fernie Alpine Resort, BC Conditions Report: Responsibly Searching For Untouched Lines

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 Summit Media Canada Conditions Report:

Fernie is known for its legendary annual snowfall accumulations. Endless minutes waiting for the rope drop creating a massive “Currie 500”, the feeling of your tips floating in and out of your turns, snow like a wave hitting your face as you slash into your next line. These are the reasons why Fernie is the Hub of the Powder Highway trek. It is now February of our ski season here, and everybody is stoked as ever to search for those untouched lines. But great powder comes great responsibility. We must not forget while we are lost in our lust for snow, that if we do not play carefully, it will come at a price.

Conditions are great at Fernie Alpine Resort, BC. Image: Derek Pettigrew

With temperamental avalanche conditions at the beginning of the season, we all have to look out for each other and ensure we are making the right choices to not become a statistic. Mother Nature, she is beautiful, but she does not know if you’re an expert or not. We have Derek and Ethan aswell as the Fernie Alpine Ski Patrol here to not only give us the update on the current conditions, but to also remind us the importance of knowledge and respect of our sport.

Enjoying time on the mountain. Image: Derek Pettigrew

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