For The First Time In 8 Decades St. Louis, MO Has Snowless March

Nick Retterer |
Snow In St. Louis
Shoveling Snow In St. Louis|

It’s been exactly 83 years since St. Louis, MO, and the surrounding area have gone without snow for the entire month of March. The National Weather Service tweeted this interesting fact right before the last day of the month on Tuesday, March 30.

“An interesting fact for you this afternoon – March is going to end without even a TRACE of snow in St. Louis. This is the first time since 1938 that not even a TRACE of snow fell in March! It will be cold the next few days, but no snow is expected! #stlwx

There were mixed reactions towards the tweet as many wished they could live somewhere that they wouldn’t need a snow shovel ever again. Others said they loved the snow and they had more of it over the season.

Since records have been kept, St. Louis has only had six years go by where no snow had been recorded. Although there is colder weather head their way by the end of the week, officials don’t expect any snow.

Highway Snowfall
Snowfall On Highway In St. Louis|

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