Friday Fun: Beach Skiing Front Flip 360ºs…

SwellBrains | | SurfSurf

River Surfing at 2:30.  

Raft Cliff Hucking at 3:30.  

Beach Skiing at 6:30.

Beach Ski Front Flips at 7:50.

The river surfing in this video is pretty sick.  The raft cliff hucking is funny.  The beach skiing is…  insane.  Has anyone ever beach skied before?  We’re not sure, but probably not.  Even if they did, they most likely didn’t hit a kicker, pull off grabs, and try front flip 360ºs.

“When the Waimea River starts flowing, Jamie O’Brien and the boys do too. But they won’t stop there. The North Shore’s crew of daredevils with questionable ideas put Poopies’ water skiing to the test: in the marsh, on the beach at Pipeline, and off a ramp at Waimea. Poopies surprisingly handles the skis well and looks like he may have a new career path. The boys also give acid-drop rafting a go, and somehow once again survive another episode without serious injury.” – Surfer Magazine

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