Friday Fun: Low-Speed, Hard-Core Gymkhana Go-Kart Drifting

Kyler Roush | Friday FunFriday Fun

When it comes to exciting cinematic quality drift videos most people think of DC Shoes founder Ken Block.  However Ken Block might have some an up and coming contender coming off of the Go-Kart Circuit.  Watch and find out for yourself how Ken Box is giving DC Shoes founder a run for his money.

The Go-Kart used in the filming is a product by Razor (Yes the scooter people) and is being exclusively distributed by Toys “R” Us.  They claim that the scooter can handle 140 pounds but based on the video above I think that number could be bumped a little higher.  Christmas is around the corner and maybe you have a little ripper who would love this.  Personally I would like one if anyone is feeling generous and wants to take pity on my childhood days of having to use my feet Flintstones style to get around in my kart.


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