Girdwood, AK Report: Stunning Vistas, Complex Avy Danger, & Blower Powder on Ice by the Sea

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Report from April 5, 2021

I went for a long walk and a short ski in Girdwood, Alaska today.

There was a good-looking zone with no tracks and great terrain so I put in a skin track up it.

It was pretty clear that it was going to be deep dust on crust as the snow on top was blower, but the snow underneath was firm.

Oh, and the wind was absolutely cranking up high with plumes of snow ripping off the high peaks…

Skinner and the sea. image: snowbrains

I was hoping that there might be enough new snow on top – there was about 6″ – to keep me off the firm underneath.

Regardless, I knew it was going to be fun because I was in Alaska, this was a new zone for me, and the terrain was very cool and friendly.

CONSIDERABLE avalanche danger and historic avalanches the past few days had me happily relagated to mellow terrain below treeline.

Big peak. image: snowbrains

I dropped in and was hitting bottom a bit, but not too bad and the skiing was damn fun.

I had an obnoxious smile as I dropped and felt my skis working well in both the blower powder and the firm ice underneath.

At the bottom of my little line I was stoked.

Turnagain Arm ice break up. image: snowbrains

Alaska has recaptured my heart.

I need to do a seaon up here someday soon.

The unique mix of amazing experiences just today was hard to comprehend:  Turnagain Arm, break up ice all over, monsterous peaks, deep snowpack, thick forests, good skiing, empty landscapes, and shreiking blue skys.

Avalanche Forecast:

image: chugach national forecast avalanche information center, 4/5/21

Weather Forecast:

image: noaa, 4/5/21


Northward Ho. image: snowbrains
Front range beauty. image: snowbrains
Sunshine. image: snowbrains
Vistas. image: snowbrains
Turnagain Arm. image: snowbrains
Alaska is easy on the eyes. image: snowbrains
Looking north. image: snowbrains

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