Gorpcore: Proving That Practical Can Be Stylish

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Teva and Gorpcore
Introducing Gorpcore. Photo courtesy of Teva.

The outdoors industry is finally getting the chance to walk the high-fashion catwalks…Gorpcore has become the new normcore. Gorpcore was dubbed by New York Magazine’s The Cut in late May, and the term has taken off! So pull out your Tevas, Chacos, puffer jackets, wool socks, Gortex rain jackets, and wearable sleeping bags because these items are all the rage right now.

Gorpcore is all about combining practicality and function with an ironic sense of style. The uniforms of the traveling hiker and the dirty ski bum are now in fact, high-fashion. Are the O.G. outdoors men and women shocked by this societal revelation? Of course not! Just like our muddy and salty cars, we wear our clothing like a badge of honor. REI’s senior manager of color, material, and trend, Sunshine Fox speaks to the idea of Gorpcore as society’s new status symbol, saying, “Gorpcore tells the world that you care about the environment and that you take time to unplug and get outdoors”.

So in the interest of keeping function first and fashion second, I have come up with a list of Gorpcore essentials…


A Stylish Adventure-Seeking Boot

A boot that's perfect for hiking in the mountains and walking in the streets.
Teva’s Arrowood Boot. Photo courtesy of Teva.

Teva’s new Arrowood mid-high boot is waterproof, lightweight, and super comfy. The Arrowood will satisfy your feet whether you’re tearing up the trails or walking in the streets. 


A Funky Down Jacket

Mountain Hardwear's Ghost Whisperer Jacket
Mountain Hardwear’s Ghost Whisperer Down Hooded Jacket. Photo courtesy of @tess_rath/Mountain Hardwear.

Mountain Hardwear’s Ghost Whisperer Down Hooded Jacket is the world’s lightest full-featured hooded jacket. The Ghost Whisperer weighs less than eight ounces, and can be compressed into its own pocket. Mountain Hardwear is your go-to brand when looking for function and fashion.


A Classic Flannel

Plaid HippyTree Flannel
HippyTree’s Crater Flannel. Photo courtesy of HippyTree.

HippyTree’s Crater Flannel is an excellent quality, not to mention essential, wardrobe item. Whether you’re out on the river or curled up on the couch, the Crater delivers the highest level of versatility.


A Sleek and Simple Beanie

The Cobol Beanie
Discrete Clothing’s Cobol Beanie. Photo courtesy of Discrete Clothing.

Discrete Clothing’s beanies are the old faithfuls of hats. The Cobol is wicked cozy, and the extra flap of fabric will keep your ears nice and toasty.


A Trusty Backpack

REI and Osprey's Daylite Plus Daypack
Osprey’s Daylite Plus Daypack. Photo courtesy of REI.

Osprey’s Daylite Plus Daypack is an awesome choice for anyone who’s always on-the-go. It’s packability is top notch, and it’s style unbeatable. Another great option is Montbell’s Rose Pack.



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