Grand Targhee Employee Missing After Being Last Seen On The Mountain

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Dreamcatched lift at Grand Targhee. PC: Fullmer Cole
Dreamcatcher lift at Grand Targhee. PC: Fullmer Cole

According to the JH News & Guide, Lee Kidd, a Grand Targhee Resort employee, failed to show up for work on Friday afternoon after being last seen on the mountain Friday morning. Lee had mentioned to his friends that he wanted to venture into the backcountry, but it is unsure at this time if he ventured out-of-bounds. At 10:45 am on Friday, he last scanned his pass to head up the Dreamcatcher lift at Grand Targhee.  

“We believe he’s an experienced snowboarder,” Larsen said. But officials are not sure how savvy he is in the backcountry.

The arrow represents where Lee Kidd was last seen.
The arrow represents where Lee Kidd was last seen.

Around 4:10 pm on Friday, Lee’s supervisor noted his absence and reported it to ski patrol because it was unlike him to be late to work, let alone entirely absent. Teton County Sheriff’s Officers searched his home and found his avalanche beacon and shovel, but he could have duplicates with him. Along with that, they found his phone at the home and he doesn’t have a car, so it isn’t suspected that he left the area. Recent snowfall has limited search and rescue efforts, but they are doing all that they can to bring Lee Kidd home.

Lee Kidd, the missing man. Image: Natalie Kidd
Lee Kidd, the missing man. Image: Natalie Kidd

A missing person flyer was posted at Grand Targhee Resort and it indicates that Lee was last seen wearing a brown jacket, black pants, a black helmet, goggles with red, green and yellow on them and a tan, black and green “Norm” snowboard. He is 6 feet tall, 160 pounds with long brown hair and brown eyes. As of 3:10 pm on Sunday, Lee is still missing after extensive search efforts in and around Grand Targhee Resort. The search is expected to resume Monday morning. If you have any information, please call The Teton County Sheriffs at  733-2331.

“We need the public’s assistance in finding out the last time he was seen,” Teton County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Tom Combs said.

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