Grand Targhee Resort, WY Report: Swinging Temps, Spring-Like Lines, And Weather Ahead

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Enjoying the wide open spaces of Wydaho. Photo: P.M.Fadden

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Report from January 15 thru 17, 2022

It’s been a fun session of skiing the same day over and over again at the ‘Ghee.

The Targhee Resort, and Tetons at large, have been enjoying days of bright sun and calm winds with occasional overnight inversion that is cold enough to frost-ify the valley floor. And the forecast indicates a bit more accumulation may be inbound.

The trees have been growing an extra AM layer lately. Photo: P.M.Fadden

The current see-sawing temperature has compacted the snowpack and firmed up its top-most layers. As a result, morning’s are a full-on corduroy harvest until afternoon hours, when the sun warms Targhee’s ungroomed zones into skiable cream cheese.

The cold, firm mornings can also be fine conditions for going for a bit of a walk up-high, as it gives the sun the chance to soften the snow–and the excellent views of the Tetons certainly don’t hurt either.

Old cornice and light contrast above Targhee. Photo: P.M.Fadden

Grand Targhee’s gate to the backcountry has been open, and a bootpack is already well-established to access higher zones. From there, it’s been tranquil surveying to select the terrain that tickles your fancy.

There’s plenty of untracked snow waiting to be enjoyed all around Targhee, and the relative solitude while seeking it is surely good for the soul.

Butter knife turns on Peaked Mountain. Photo: P.M.Fadden

Spoiler alert: the snow is as baked as it looks. But it still takes a playful edge, and going straight at it grants the speed that makes the line delightfully surf-like.

One of the many great things about Grand Targhee is just how much empty, awesome terrain is still waiting in plain sight. Taking the extra traverse past that next bend or dipping into that tree’d patch might (and often will) lead to the line of the day.

Seek and enjoy!

Gorgeous views at Grand Targhee Resort. Photo: P.M.Fadden

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