Grand Targhee, WY Report: Saturday The 14th; Silky Curves, Occasional Wind and Exciting Forecast

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A brief blue-bird dusk over Peaked Mountain reveals the progress of winter in the Tetons. image: P.M. Fadden

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Report from Saturday the 14th, November 2020

Shine the light on Grand Targhee Resort, Ol’ Man Winter is here to stay.

It’s hardly a secret that the ‘cool’ side of the Tetons get a healthy helping of snow, but it’s still a delight to see the snow arrive fast and fat.

The perennially popular resort has carefully crafted a Winter Plan which allows operations to open on November 20, 2020. Prior to that anticipated date, it’s been skin-to-drop, skin-to-drop; repeat.

Two forms of fresh lines for every one track that’s skied. image: P.M. Fadden

Accumulation to date has been the stuff of dreams; dry, light, and building.

The walk itself was quiet. Stable under ski, the track traversed buffeted south faces beside wind-accumulation on the neighboring north slopes.

Overhead, the rapid migration of cloud formations promised more weather to come (in fact, it’s already set in as I type.)

Yes, it´s time to get stoked for winter, and Grand Targhee Resort is taking every precaution to see that it’s healthy and happy. Call the resort, or visit its site, for up-to-date info and expert advice on the condition, of all climates.

Targhee Closes To Uphill Traffice Monday the 16th:

Closer and closer to Opening Day.
Grand Targhee Resort will close to all uphill travel as it prepares the mountain for the 2020-21 season.
There’s still plenty of options wider afield. Backcountry conditions exist.
Sincere appreciation to all of the outdoor enthusiasts who have made it a stellar preseason, and HUGE thanks to the ski industry professionals working tirelessly to make dreams come true for the rest of us.

Snow Report:

By the (early) numbers. image courtesy GTR


Week-long outlook. image courtesy GTR

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