Has CONTOUR Closed Up Shop for Good?

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Contour Closed For good?

It would appear that the only other competitor to GoPro in the POV market, CONTOUR, has closed.  They gave no warning to their employees, who learned just yesterday morning that the Seatlle HQ for CONTOUR is closed.  Their lights were off, no phones were being answered, and their Facebook page has been conspicuously idle since August 2nd.

Initial whisperings of CONTOUR’s closing came from their (apparently Ex-) Social Media Manager, Jacob Hase:


In fact, this is the comment that has stirred all the rumors that CONTOUR is in fact closed for good.  There have been no official press releases at this moment, but at the same turn of the hand CONTOUR has not stepped up to deny their closure.  As a business, one would think CONTOR would at least update their own social media pages to calm the frenzy that the social media outlets have created.

If CONTOUR is in fact closed, this comes as quite a surprise.  While GoPro has certainly been on a crusade to seize the POV market, CONTOUR made Prestigious Inc.’s 500 list with reported revenues of $27.3 million in 2011.  We’re no business experts, but revenues upwards of $27 million sound pretty darn good.

We’ll keep you updated as more information (and more reliable, non-facebook based information) arises.

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