VIDEO: Henrik Harlaut Double Cork 1080 Off Death Cliff

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Swedish skier Henrik Harlaut threw a huge double cork 1080 off a cliff in Italy’s Dolomites mountain range in March 2014. You probably know him from his wild appearance at the Sochi Winter Olympics, where he wore TMNT gloves, nearly lost his pants, and infamously stated on national television, “Wu Tang is for the children”.

Henrik's pants were at his knees at Sochi (Associated Press)
Henrik’s pants were at his knees at Sochi (Associated Press)

Henrik was born in Stockholm, Sweden in 1991. He says he’s been skiing since age 2, but was classically taught alpine racing, and wasn’t introduced to freeskiing until his family moved to Åre (Sweden’s most popular ski resort) at age 9. By age 11, he was sponsored by Scott.

At age 13, he attended his first US Freeskiing Open, and returned the following year to land his first switch 1260, advancing to the finals at only 14. Since then he’s been competing in Dew tours, X-games,, European opens, and countless other freeskiing competitions.

Only 23 years old, Henrik is well known for throwing big: he took home the gold at the 2013 X-Games Ski Big Air competition, landing an unprecedented nose butter triple cork 1620. Henrik had never even tried the trick before – and he got a perfect score of 50 points. This guy is truly unreal, and we look forward to seeing some big things from him this season.
Henrik’s legendary locks (
Reppin' Armada Skis (
Repping Armada Skis (
Mt. Hood, Oregon (Drew Smalley)
Mt. Hood, Oregon (Drew Smalley)

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