Highfives Skinny Ski-a-Thon @ Squaw Valley | Photo Tour

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The KT loading deck going off for the skinny ski a thon

The Highfives Skinny Ski-a-Thon at Squaw Valley started out the day with less than prime conditions. With the forecast calling for cloudy skies and snow, and coming through with that promise for the most part, the participants pushed forward none the less and started lining up at KT prior to 9am. The idea of the skinny ski-a-thon is simple, ski as many laps as possible from 9 to 4 on KT-22, and try to raise money for each lap completed. Over one hundred people participated and well over $63,000 was raised for the Highfives foundation in the process. Much money was raised, and a lot of fun was had in the process.

Snow and sun on the schedule for Squaw


  •  Ice-fall in the Fingers was skied by Josh Anderson, who also went on to win Gnarliest Line for it.
  • Jon Rockwood’s backflip, to tip snag, to double ejection on Lady’s Downhill
  • Jordan Basile crushing Greg Lindsey’s previous record of 46 laps and claiming the new record at 51 in less than ideal condition’s
  • Mattias Sullivan was right on Jordans tails at 50 laps when all said and done


While the weather defiantly put a damper on the day, with waves of blue sky followed by snow following each other back to back continuously, some serious skinny ski skiing went down. Definitive tracks were laid out on Lady’s Downhill, The Saddle, and GS Bowl while participants hammered out lap after lap. Spread Eagles, Back-scratchers, and even new school shifties were all thrown down throughout the day on old school skinny skis as the skiers flew down the saddle and other runs blowing by those on modern day equipment proving that it isn’t the skis that make the skier, it’s skill and talent.

When it was all said and done, the goal of $80,000 was reached for a great foundation, a new skinny ski lap record was set, and much fun was had by all.

DSC06696Sending it on old school skinny skis

The Crew of the Eh team at the Squaw valley skinny ski a thon
Jehren Boehm, John Rockwood and friends celebrate a hard day of skinny ski schralping

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