How to Get 30% Off Ski and Snowboard Rentals at 50 Different Destinations in North America and Europe

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With ski season starting, any last-minute equipment may be hard to find and expensive to obtain. Luckily, ski and snowboard rentals are 30% off at 50 different destinations in North America and Europe. TravelZoo is partnering with Ski Butlers to offer this great deal and even pick up athletes’ rentals when they are done.

In order to receive this offer, you simply need to be a member of TravelZoo. If you book for two people at the resorts you can receive 20% off. If you book for three to four people you can receive 25% off. Even better, if you book for five or more people, you can receive 30% off your rentals.

Ski Butlers offer equipment to a variety of equipment depending on skiing ability, age, or terrain preferences. Not only does Ski Butlers offer a great deal on great equipment, but also offers convenient service along with the product. Ski Butlers handle delivery and offer equipment support and pickup services according to Matador Network.

This deal is going on through March 31, 2022, except on December 24-31, January 1-2, and February 17-21, 2022. Be sure to take advantage of these excellent discounts on excellent equipment! Become a member of TravelZoo here.

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