Ice Coast Kills Sh** | Upstate NY Crew Brings The Laughs, Mediocre Snowboarding

Matt Brennan | LaughsLaughs
Ice Coast Kills Shit
Soho, NYC Street Gap. Image: Ice Coast Kills Shit

By their own admission, the Ice Coast Kills Sh*t crew features “Mediocre snowboarding, above average lifestyle.”

One thing they ARE experts in is board maintenance!

Established in the fall of 2009, they’ve released four full length videos. Their homegrown brand of riding is super entertaining…and they always feature a high level of jackassery.

Check out the teaser from 2010’s Numskull and you’ll see exactly what I mean. 

If this shit is up your alley, why stop now? Here’s the newest full length, 2015’s How Ya Doin’.


Ice Coast Kills Shit
Bike rack pole jam under FDR Drive, NYC. Image: Ice Coast Kills Shit

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