Introducing the Ikon Pass – Uniting North American’s Premier Mountain Destinations

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There’s something to be said for celebrating individualism.

Something to be said when a company allows for each of its parts to show their colours and be themselves.

In the ski world, this is often lost when one of the big corporations takes over a local resort, but one company is going out of its way to celebrate local mountains and local ski culture.

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The Alterra Mountain Company is the newest big player on the block in the ski resort industry.

And sure, they’re big.

Huge, in fact, owning 12 ski destinations across North America.

But they’ve done something different from the other big players in the industry: they’ve decided to stoke local passion and local character. The places they’ve taken over have kept their identities. They’ve kept their local traditions, their local names and their local feel. And it will stay that way.


It was no surprise they would bring out a pass for all their destinations.

But what stunned folks when it was announced at The Outdoor Retailer Show this year was that it wasn’t just a pass to their 12 mountains, it was a pass to more than that. They partnered with more ski destinations, spanning the entire continent, bringing the total to 26 mountain destinations.

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.

The Ikon Pass is different from anything else out there.

It’s a pass that both fits and celebrates different tastes, passions and the love of getting out there and playing on snow. They’ve partnered with some of the most iconic winter destinations, both inside and outside of their umbrella, to offer skiers and riders the choice to experience the mountains and create their own adventure.

Alta, UT.

The Ikon Pass will take you to every corner of the snow world.

The Ikon Pass destinations are: Aspen Snowmass, Steamboat, Winter Park Resort, Copper Mountain Resort and Eldora Mountain Resort in Colorado; Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows, Mammoth Mountain, June Mountain, and Big Bear Mountain Resort in Colorado; Jackson Hole Mountain Resort in Wyoming; Big Sky Resort in Montana; Stratton, Killington Resort and Sugarbush in Vermont;  Snowshoe in West Virginia; Tremblant in Quebec, Canada; Blue Mountain in Ontario, Canada; SkiBig3 in Alberta; Revelstoke Mountain Resort in British Columbia; Sunday River and Sugarloaf Resort in Maine; Loon Mountain in New Hampshire; and Deer Valley Resort and AltaSnowbird in Utah.

There is even a connection to the world’s largest Heli-skiing company, Canadian Mountain Holidays & Summer Adventures, offering discounts and benefits through the Ikon Pass.

Deer Valley, UT.

There are other passes out there, but none of them come even close to offering what the Ikon Pass can.

The Ikon Pass is a lifestyle. It’s a passport to experiencing everything the mountains have to offer. Every destination is unique and offers its own local charm and character, which thankfully comes, often, in the form of some of the most extraordinary terrain imaginable.

There’s flexibility in the Ikon Pass as well, with different options in pricing, ranging from $599 to $899, so you can choose the access that is right for you.

The Ikon Pass is the premier pass in North America for winter 2018/19 and it will only cost $899 or $599 depending on which pass level you want:

  • The $899 Ikon Pass includes unlimited skiing/riding at 12 mountains + 7 days at 11 other mountains (see full details below).
  • The $599 Ikon Base Pass includes unlimited skiing/riding at 9 mountains + 5 days at 13 other mountains.
  • Jackson Hole, WY isn’t unlimited on either pass.
  • Alta/Snowbird, UT isn’t unlimited on either pass.
  • Big Sky, MT isn’t unlimited on either pass.
  • Three destinations have been added:
  • Revelstoke Mountain Resort in British Columbia, Canada, SkiBig3 (Banff Sunshine, Lake Louise, Mt. Norquay) in Alberta, Canada, and Sugarbush in Vermont
Mammoth, CA.

The Ikon Pass is the ultimate road trip map.

A place where a year spent in a van won’t be enough and you’ll need more.

A place where you can find what fits and stoke your mountain fire and settle in for a while.

Big Sky, MT.

These destinations celebrate differences and the Ikon Pass is the means to experience some of the most iconic mountain destinations in the world.

So keep your winter fire stoked.

Don’t just book a trip to one place, book a trip to lots of places.

Spend a week in waist deep Utah blower and then blitz up to Jackson for a few days of radness before settling into a week of being pampered in Aspen. The Ikon Pass gives you access to a curated group of mountain destinations that will keep you satisfied for a lifetime.

Full details on the Ikon Pass pricing can be found here.

Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows

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  1. Hi There, yep, really allowing the separate resorts to retain their own quirky identities, ‘cept that unlike the Epic Pass that allows their separate areas to have their own season pass/deals as well as the Epic pass, the IKON pass is a one size fits all for all their resorts or is it??? No Senior pass, no local area only pass, etc., just a real one size doesn’t fit all cookie cutter offer, yeah right, people in Big Sky, Jackson, Squaw etc. etc. are going to go ski other areas. Apparently the IKON people didn’t do their local area homework, just went off an algorithim that had very little local area input….hopefully the IKON pass is just fake news….not even April fool’s yet!!!!!

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