Jackson Hole, WY Report: 3,600-Vertical-Feet Of Skiing & Riding

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The good life. image: snowbrains

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Report from December 8th, 2020

3,600-vertical-feet of skiing & riding is a good thing.

This place is so damn fun.

Jackson Hole opened their Thunder and Sublette chairs for the season on Saturday and we rode them as much as we could yesterday.

Jackson Hole. image: snowbrains

These run and long and steep and empty right now.

The snow is holding up very well.

We skied corn, chalk, fluffy shaved ice, firm moguls, and perfect groomers yesterday.

Spray. image: snowbrains

Thunder laps were our favorite.

The skier’s left of Laramie Bowl of the Thunder chair was getting tons of sun and corned up nicely.

We did lap after lap in that slushy corn and couldn’t get enough.

We’re pumped to be back in Jackson and there might be a little snow headed our way this week.

We’re at least looking at a pattern change which will be a welcome reprieve.

Cody Peak. image: snowbrains

Snow Numbers:

image: jackson hole, 12/8/20


image: noaa, 12/8/20


Rare tram sighting. image: snowbrains
Snow whales. image: snowbrains
Headwall. image: snowbrains
Sublette. image: snowbrains
Tram! image: snowbrains
Looking north. image: snowbrains
Lone soldier. image: snowbrains

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