Jackson Hole, WY Report: The Deepest Day We’ve Ever Had Here

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Holy deeeeepppp. Greggy. image: snowbrains

Report from February 7th, 2020

We got on the first tram at Jackson Hole, WY today.

The snow was deep.

Very deep.

Miles belly button deep. image: snowbrains

On our 2nd run we were blown away by how deep it was.

The Thunder lift was closed due to high winds for a bit this morning which left us alone without a line at Sublette for quite some time.

We were pummeled by face-shot after face-shot.

Splash! Greggy. image: snowbrains

Jackson Hole reported 16″ of snow in 24-hours but we weren’t able to find anywhere with less than 2-feet of snow.

What was really wild was that the resort had 2-feet of snow from top to bottom.

When we skied the Hobacks all the way down to the base, it was 2+ feet deep all the way down to the cat track at the bottom.

Some big lines this morning. image: snowbrains

The conditions were simply incredible today.

At times it was snowing heavily today.

We are beyond fired up about the coming days and we are planning on staying in Jackson for the next 10-days, at least…

Liftlines to start the day were very long and the mountain experienced a delayed opening at 9:45am due to extensive avalanche control work.

Trenches under Sublette chair today. image: snowbrains

We want to send a big thank you to the Jackson Hole Ski Patrol.

What they did in getting this place open today was truly impressive.

Thank you.

Sublette chair. image: snowbrains

And the cycle isn’t over yet.

NOAA has issued a Winter Weather Advisory for Jackson Hole that is calling for 3-5″ of snow tonight & tomorrow.

Jackson Hole has already seen 348″ of snowfall this season.


image: jackson hole, 2/7/20
image: jackson hole, 2/7/20


imgae: noaa, 2/7/20


Powder trees off Sublette today. image: snowbrains
1st tram of the day and the end of the line to the Bridger gondola.  image: snowbrains
The Nightmare under Sublette. image: snowbrains
Greggy poking out. image: snowbrains
Apres ski. image: snowbrains

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3 thoughts on “Jackson Hole, WY Report: The Deepest Day We’ve Ever Had Here

  1. So you get to enjoy 2 runs with that line . Big pow days are fun but I’d rather have 10″ and do laps without waiting

  2. Im sure all the Jackson locals love such online spray-fest.
    Old skool saying….’Slay it dont spray it!’

    1. I hear you. Thanks for the comment. JHMR has the largest social media following of any ski resort on Earth. Thanks, again.

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