British Snowboarder Jamie Barrow Smashes World Record for Most Vertical Feet in 12-Hours

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British pro-snowboarder Jamie Barrow recently broke the Guinness World Record for the Greatest Vertical Distance Snowboarded in 12 hours. It took place in Wasserngrat, Switzerland on 14th February 2018.

The previous record of 62,336ft was set at Sun Peaks, BC. Jamie smashed this within four hours, but still continued for the remaining eight hours, clocking up a total of 180,814ft vertical snowboarded in 12-hours!

jamie barrow, snow-camp
Jamie Barrow. Credit: Summit

The main reason for attempting this record was to raise money for the charity Snow-Camp. Snow-Camp is a charity which helps inner-city young people learn life skills through the power of snowsports. He raised a total of £3,194 which will go towards the charity’s new #Switch180 campaign –  helping turn around the lives of over 30 young people by funding their places on this year’s summer First Tracks programme.

After smashing the record Barrow said:

“I am very happy to have completed the full 12 hours especially having no breaks. I am absolutely shattered however I did not want to complete the 12 hours thinking I could do more. I gave it everything I had despite my back injury and have even surprised myself with how many runs I did. My plan coming into this was to try and hit 3 times the height of Everest and now I have done over double that. I am very proud to have broken this record and to have raised so much money for Snow-Camp which will help out so many young people.”


Well done Jamie!

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