John Spriggs Arrested in Bend, Oregon for Burglary and Assault

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John Spriggs. Source; Setcelebs.

Early yesterday morning, Bend police department were dispatched to a domestic disturbance call in an apartment complex on Northwest Riverside Boulevard. The report came from a neighbor who heard a physical altercation occurring in the nearby apartment and upon the arrival of the police they found that there had indeed been a quarrel.

The suspect, John Spriggs, was an invited guest to the apartment by the two women who reside there, but had been asked to leave after exhibiting inappropriate behavior. Spriggs refused to do so and began destroying property and assaulting the residents, which forced the pair into the bathroom where they locked themselves in while Spriggs continued to wreck the apartment. Spriggs eventually left the apartment only to break into another apartment where he woke the sleeping residents demanding they return his property, reportedly a simple hoodie.

“Guy came in and busted out the trim, and you can see it here — I mean, this (piece of trim) was halfway across into our living room. He came in with some force, for sure.”

-Calvin Rich, resident of the apartment which Spriggs broke into

Cruising the sleds in the backcountry. Source; prnewswire.

Responding officers discovered Spriggs in the neighborhood having left the scene of the crime and subsequently took him into custody. Spriggs was sent to Deschuttes County Jail where a $55,000 bail was posted for two accounts of first-degree burglary and fourth-degree assault. Police also believe that consumption of alcohol was involved in this incident.

In early February, a marijuana company Oregrown had announced a sponsorship with Spriggs noting his achievements as a professional skier. This was allegedly the first sponsorship of a pro-athlete by an Oregon marijuana company. Now, since Spriggs was involved in this incident, Oregrown has decided to drop their partnership with the skier.

“We are extremely troubled by these charges. Immediately upon learning the news, we canceled our sponsorship of John Spriggs. Oregrown expects all of our athletes to exhibit responsible and respectful behavior on and off the mountain at all times.”

Representative for Oregrown marijuana company

Spriggs sending it huge over the sleds. Source; Oregrown.

It is unfortunate to hear of these incidents, but as a professional athlete and mountain ambassador it is unacceptable behavior and the punishment fits the crime.

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9 thoughts on “John Spriggs Arrested in Bend, Oregon for Burglary and Assault

  1. How did tanner hall afford to start a heliskiing operation if he didn’t get paid a lot of money for being a sponsored athlete ? Helicopters are extremely expensive ! By working side jobs ? It proves that assholes like john spriggs get paid well despite their poor decisions in life

  2. Does being a pro athlete somehow make you more of an asshole or is this type of behavior tolerated by the ski companies who give these guys huge amounts of money to wear their gear ? Reminds me a little of a certain pro athlete who was dropped by red bull for his anti social behavior who also enjoys the smoke .

    1. I’ve known John Spriggs for a few years now and so has my family( my daughter in particular, but also my folks and my two younger kids. John has many many fine qualities that make him the man, athlete, son, friend, worker, etc. he is today!!! John is caring, thoughtful, down to earth, and actually pretty funny character wise. So you see B.Mc. somebody has heard of this “clown” you speak of! More than you would ever or even know. Anyhoot, all of us and a whole lotta other peeps in these western states know John and all his zest for life and his many a many a stories of his outdoor adventures and experiences!!! John is a good soul and contrary to your all’s beliefs and opinions is a decent, stand up guy to all those in his life. John does not live life intentionally trying to bring negativity or chaos or harm to anyone in his path. So, in my opinion (and that of many , many others who know John and all his positive and negative personality characteristics, any “stumbling” that may or may not have occured in both this current story reported or in yor all’s city of Lake Tahoe, that “stumbling” would be coming from a place that perhaps needs some personal tlc or whatever else that may help all those involved… Sad to think “luck ” kept John outta the lake there in Tahoe as you (anonymous) stated in your rude post. I choose to believe John’s destiny involves living many more years here on this planet growing older and wiser as we all hope to do or hopefully strive to do. And for Jhim to continue giving to and receiving from the world and what it has to offer. Bottom line, again in my opinion, life is not always a bowl of cherries and bad things can happen to good people (full circle) by that I mean I can understand the frustration and/or heated emotions so to speak from your all’s side because a negative situation occurred and of course it will play out in the courtroom or wherever and everyone will be able to have their own personal take away….however in the mean time remember two wrongs never make a right and one incident never defines a person. My hope is that everyone calms the hell down w/ numerous posts on social media outlets, takes their own inventories in their own lives, and all together move on to the next chapters in all of our lives and hopefully. for a moment, choose to believe in what MY post is trying to convey in regards to my friend Spriggs….with all due respect to all of you and yours from me and mine.

  3. Bro is such a piece of shit.. Karma wins this round…like posted above, you are lucky you didn’t end up in the lake here in Tahoe….enjoy jail!!

  4. This wookie is clearly a giant piece of sh*t. He was blacked out drunk a few weeks ago in TC and punched my friend in the face. My friend was trying to kick him out of a restaurant he works at for being too drunk and obnoxious. Obviously he needed​ a good ass beating but was spared and merely 86d from the bar.

    John: please stay away from Tahoe. If we see you we won’t call the police.

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