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Lynn getting shacked yesterday. image: snowbrains

Kicking Horse ski resort in British Columbia, Canada was wildly good yesterday.

They reported 14cms (5.5″) overnight but reality was much deeper than that and it snowed hard nearly all day…

We got on the gondola right at 9am.

The skiing back to the gondola was top to bottom powder and the snow was definitely a foot deep or deeper in spots.

James somehow neck deep yesterday. image: snowbrains

The snow was dense, floaty, fun, and it kept you off the hard bottom underneath for the most part.

After 2 gondy laps, we cruised over to the Stairway to Heaven chair and it was definitely deeper, drier, and fluffier over there.

We hung out on the chairlift for nearly the entirety of the rest of the day cranking pow lap after pow lap after pow lap…  So many faceshots.

Stairway to Heaven chair and nuking snow yesterday. image: snowbrains

The morning started off clear with a high overcast and relatively warm.

By the time we got over to the chairlift, it had socked in, and begun to snow heavily, cooled off a ton, but wasn’t windy.

The wind came later and it absolutely dumped snow all day.

The wind was helpful buffing things out towards the end of the day and keeping even tracked up zones fresh.

Lynn off the chair yesterday. image: snowbrains

There were very few people out and by the end of the day there was almost no one out.

Runs off the chairlift was buffed out, creamy, and smooth at 3pm and there was no one skiing it.  Some of the best runs of the day.

At the very end of the day, we hiked up T1 and the run off the backside was the best run I’ve had all season.

Stairway to Heaven chair and nuking snow yesterday. image: snowbrains

1-2 foot deep blower snow that was sluffing everywhere, not slowing me down at all, every turn was a faceshot, hooting and laughing, long, not believing what I was skiing.

My good friend Lynn Kennen from Squaw Valley, CA showed up and skied with me all day and we must have high-fived 20 times and laughed 100 times.

Best day of the season so far for me.

Lynn slashing one on the lower mountain yesterday. image: snowbrains


image: kicking horse, today


Kicking Horse forecast. image:, today


Lynn getting shacked yesterday. image: snowbrains
Miles likes it. image: snowbrains
This is how much snow was on my only half way up the chair ride yesterday. Snowing so hard. image: snowbrains

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