L.A. Times on McConkey Movie = “Wrenching Personal Story”

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Shane McConkey
Shane McConkey

The Los Angeles Times has just written a mini-reivew of the “McConkey” movie.  It’s another glowing review that continues to prove that this movie won’t be just for die-hard skiers.  It’s reported to be a movie that will appeal to the general public and get everyone taking a look inside themselves.  Shane was here on Earth to show us what is possible in all human beings.  Most of us won’t attain Shane’s level of adventure, but he does honor to us all in showing us that it can be attained.

McConkey movie poster
McConkey movie poster

la times

“McConkey.” A friend raised her eyebrows when told of the title to this extreme-sports documentary. But don’t be fooled by the name. This story of an extreme BASE skier named Shane McConkey is serious, eye-opening stuff, the kind that allows you to forgive the Red Bull-commercial overtones. (And given that the film comes from Red Bull’s media arm, there are a few.) Media reports recently have focused — rightly — on the ethical concerns raised by the culture of extreme sports. But those watching this movie have come away simply being moved by the guts and the athleticism, not to mention McConkey’s wrenching personal story. – Steven Zeitchik/L.A. Times

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McConkey’s personal story is something that none of us know about, yet.  His story is about to be unveiled to the world and it appears that it’s a heavy one that will affect us all.  

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  1. No doubt in my mind this will be the movie of the year. Can’t wait for it.

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