VIDEO: Lightning Strikes Building in China

Alex Camerino |

Building in Shenyang, China, got hit by lightening from WTF

Check out this video of a building getting hit by lightning! It is unclear exactly what happened, but it is clear that being outside during this incident was a bad idea. Those sparks showering the ground are most likely parts of the ground wire flaking off from the extreme heat produced. 

On average, about 26 people die a year by getting struck by lightning. While that is not a huge number many more people get hit and sustain major injuries. Even though a building might get hit, indoors is the safest place to be during a thunderstorm. Every structure has a copper lightning rod to help channel the immense amounts of electricity into the ground and out of harm’s way. In this video, the flash you can see is the electricity shooting through the lightning rod to the ground.

Lightning Kills
Lightning can strike from more than 5 miles away and can contain more than 5 million volts. Photo: SAS

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