Lindsey Vonn Wants a “Battle of the Sexes” Race

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nnVonn Racing (Photo: Lindsey Vonn Facebook)

After achieving more than any other downhill ski racer in history, Lindsey Vonn is now looking for the chance to race against men. Her request to the FIS, ski racing’s governing body, to be allowed to race in the Men’s division was turned down. Vonn recently stated “I just want the opportunity, I want to see exactly how I would fare. Training is one thing, but racing is quite another.

“I just want the opportunity, I want to see exactly how I would fare. Training is one thing, but racing is quite another.”- Lindsey Vonn on racing against men

Now, Vonn is focusing her efforts on creating her own male vs. female competition. Vonn would like to see an event take place during the World Cup in Lake Louise, Canada; a mountain that she has dominated over her career. Hosting the event during the world cup is a smart idea for attracting crowds. Vonn notes that “every Olympic cycle there is definitely more excitement about ski racing”. It seems logical to host the two events together, and they should both boost attention for the sport as a whole.

Another shot of Vonn midrace (Photo: Lindsey Vonn Facebook)

How likely is it that this “Battle of the Sexes” will actually occur? I say, there is a good chance. The most obvious comparison is the 1973 tennis “Battle of the Sexes” between Billy Jean King and Bobby Riggs, which was won by King in three straight sets. A more recent comparison is the scheduled fight between Floyd Mayweather (Boxing) and Connor McGregor (UFC) this August. This collision of two different sports is proof that people want to see athletes push the boundaries on who and how they are competing. The path to creating a “Battle of the Sexes race” is not clear, but it is possible. Most likely, one of Vonn’s sponsors, like Redbull, could organize and stage the event. They have created events for several of their athletes like Travis Rice and Jon Olsson, and Vonn is a big enough name to be a possibility. Regardless of how it comes about, an event pitting Vonn against top male skiers would gain tons of attention and help grow the sport.


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  1. I love this idea. In business and sports, we need to promote equality for all. I think Lindsey Vonn will clean up. She has the to be successful and win against any competition.

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