Lost Cat Follows Skiers Up 10,000′ Mountain

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The cat, seen here at over 5000′, follows two skiers up Mt. Bristen. Image courtesy of SWNS.

It was thought to be just another regular day when Cyril and Erik Rohrer decided to climb up Mt. Bristen in Switzerland. They left early in the morning and started to hike before sunrise, only to hear a faint meow in the distance.

“It was 4:30 am, at around 1200 meters, when we heard a cat in the dark forest. She made a really scared and confused impression. But we couldn’t get rid of her while walking uphill.”

The small cat was determined, scaling the steep slopes while bearing the cold temperatures. Image courtesy of SWNS.

Hours later, the cat was still following them as they continued their ascent.

“She started to shiver, and her paws began to bleed from the hard snow. Sometimes we picked her up and carried her when she was too exhausted to walk uphill anymore.”

Seeing her discomfort and with no way to get her off their tracks, Cyril and Erik decided to pass the cat off to another group of descending hikers, who were able to return the cat to the village below, where she was reunited with her owner. She had been missing for four days, and for the previous two, she had been following groups of hikers up Mt. Bristen.

Image courtesy of SWNS.

Why would a cat do this? Who knows? Yet this story is a great example of the incredible bond cats, and humans have with each other. Or maybe she was just trying to find the purrfect line?

With the kindness of the skiers, the cat eventually was able to get a ride down and returned to her worried owner. Image courtesy of SWNS.

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  1. This is probably the most wholesome thing I have ever seen. God bless that cat, what an adventure!

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