New Lumalens Goggle by Dragon Alliance Optimizes Clarity and Color

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Lumalens goggle clarity and precision
Get stoked for this upcoming season with a fresh pair Dragon’s new Lumalens options. Courtesy of the Dragon Alliance Facebook Page

Heads up gear heads! Dragon’s new Lumalens goggle options will make you see and ski better this season! This year, Dragon has launched new Lumalens goggle options and colors to boost color and increase contrast in a variety of visibility and weather conditions! Dragons’ new Lumalens lenses features include more clarity, better depth perception, color optimization and a reduction of tired eyes on those long, bright days. The lenses come in many different colors, including rose, yellow, blue and lots of others, so you get to choose how you see the day! You can peek all of their colors on Dragon’s Lumalens page, and get the view from all of them yourself and decide what you like.

The variety of lenses Dragon is releasing
Dragon has 10 different Lumalens colors and lens options to choose from. Courtesy of the Dragon Alliance Facebook page

Here’s how it works:

The Lumalens goggles are filtering out light attributed to haze and glare while optimizing the correct lighting that boosts clarity. These photochromatic adaptive lenses feature a light, base tint for all dreary outdoor conditions which can also automatically darken in the bright sunlight! And let’s face it there’s nothing worse than that bright glare off the snow affecting our turns! They’re designed for all outdoor activities and sports, with sunglass options as well, all with amazing depth perception.

Red lumalens goggle
Lumalens’ work with a variety of Dragon’s goggle sizes and colors.
Courtesy of Dragon Alliance Facebook page

The goggles also feature multiple functions for skiers of all types and climates, including repelling water, dirt, dust, and oil. There’s also a layer of hard coating that protects the lenses from scratching and wear and tear over time. They’re ionized with a variety of sweet colors and glare reduction on sunny days.

Every shredders goggle is supposed to automatically adjust to the wavelengths of light to improve detail and provide mind-blowing color. You can check out colors and sizes and shop for your new Lumalens goggle on the Dragon Alliance website. Make sure you’re satisfied with your lenses before the start of another epic year!

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