Mammoth Moments With The Pros: Snowboarder Kimmy Fasani

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Kimmy Fasani on her home turf at Mammoth Mountain. Photo courtesy of Mammoth Mountain.

In this edition of Mammoth Moments With The Pros we interviewed professional snowboarder, expecting mama, bakery owner, and licensed cool girl– Kimmy Fasani. 

Fasani finds her happy place at Mammoth Mountain. Photo courtesy of Mammoth Mountain.

How long have you been riding at Mammoth?

“I have been riding at Mammoth since 2001.”

Where’s your favorite place to shred on Mammoth?

“My favorite place to ride on Mammoth is on the face of Chair 3 or Hemlocks on a powder day.”

What sets Mammoth apart from other mountains?

“Mammoth is different from other mountains because there’s every type of terrain, the high elevation means we get a higher ratio of snowfall, there are amazing terrain parks, and the staff is always happy and welcoming.”

Whether she’s in the pow or throwing a sick trick, Fasani tears it up at Mammoth Mountain. Photo courtesy of Mammoth Mountain.

Do you have any Mammoth insider tips, tricks, or hacks?

“My insider tip at Mammoth is to pack snacks and a small water bottle in your pockets so you don’t have to take a lunch break. There’s so much terrain to ride that you don’t want to miss out because you’re hungry.”

Can you talk about any stand out memories you’ve had at Mammoth?

“Being that I have lived in Mammoth since 2002, I have a lot of stand out moments but one that I will never forget is when Mammoth built me a private jump in the spring of 2011 so I could try some new trick. I ended up landing the first ever women’s double backflip on this jump! Other than that, I have had endless incredible powder days and epic days riding the park.”

Keep up with Kimmy and Mammoth Mountain by following her Instagram account: @kimmyfasani 

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