Man Who Died Saving His Wife in Yosemite Receives Honor From Queen Elizabeth II

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Climbers Lucy and Andrew Foster
Lucy and Andrew Foster were active rock climbers who enjoyed climbing on weekends. Credit:

A British climber who was crushed by falling rocks at Yosemite National Park was killed saving his wife’s life. Andrew Foster, 32, received the Queen’s Gallantry Medal from Queen Elizabeth II for his heroic actions.

The Queen's Gallantry Medal which was awarded to Foster
The Queen’s Gallantry Medal. Credit: MonsterMedals

Foster was trapped when more than 1,000 tons of rock fell from the face of the El Capitan monolith on Wednesday.

He is thought to have been scouting out the ascent from a trail with his wife Lucy when a “sheet” of granite the size of a 13-story building fell from over 600 feet above. 

Mrs Foster, 28, was seriously injured and has told family members she only survived because her husband jumped on top of her, shielding her from the falling rock.

The site of Andrew Foster's heroic death
El Capitan, Yosemite National Park, CA. Where Andrew Foster died saving his wife. Credit: Travel + Leisure 

Her aunt Gillian Stephens told The Times: “She said: ‘Andrew saved my life. He dived on top of me as soon as he could see what was going to happen. He saved my life’.”

Because of his heroism this day, his wife is expected to make a full recovery and will live on without him. May he rest in peace. 

Foster is honored by the Queen
Queen Elizabeth II (left) honors Andrew Foster with the Queen’s Gallantry Medal. Credit: Alamy

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