Massive High Pressure To Keep Western US & Canada Dry Until At Least Mid-December

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image: noaa sacramento, ca yesterday

A mega ridge is currently forming over the west coast of North America that is going to keep us very dry for a very long time…

This massive high pressure will keep storms out of the Western USA and Western Canada until at least mid-December.

It’s also going to be hot…


The ridge remains in place, likely through the second or third week
of December based on longer range guidance. This means that the
forecast remains dry with light winds and inversions in place. 
- NOAA Reno, NV today
0.00 precipitation forecast for Western US and Canada next 7 days. image: noaa, today

This is terrible news for places with already very low snowpacks like Utah (68% of average snowpack in Cottonwood Canyons).

Honestly, this is bad news for all of us out West.

2-weeks of high pressure and no snow and high temps is very scary since it reminds us of the Ridiculously Resilient Ridge that sat over the West for 4 seasons from 2012-2016 and pushed California into a historic drought.

Snowpack looking meager in UT, AZ, NM, CO… image: nrcs, today

To add insult to injury, this high pressure will create inversions that will lead to hideous air quality especially in places like Salt Lake City, UT.

Fingers crossed that this mega ridge breaks down mid-month and we all start seeing big snow out West once again.

Just about zero snow forecast in Western US next 10 days. image:, today
6-10 day temps looking HOT in the WEST. image: noaa
” There are no storms in the next 7 days of note. The climate outlook for the remainder of December shows the odds tilting toward above normal temperatures and below normal precipitation.” – NOAA SLC, UT today
It’s gonna be hot the next 2 weeks in the West. image:, today
Inversions explained. image: noaa slc, ut today

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One thought on “Massive High Pressure To Keep Western US & Canada Dry Until At Least Mid-December

  1. Yep, I hate these forecasts. From this morning (12/6):

    Still no sign of wet weather retuning to our region. 6 to 10 and 8
    to 14 day outlooks both continue to strongly favor warmer than
    normal temperatures with drier than normal conditions. If that
    holds, it will take us out to December 20th. Some hints that precip
    may return beyond that point.

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