Monterey Bay, CA Being Referred to as ‘Shark Park’ as Great Whites Flock to the Area

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The California coast is currently inundated with great white sharks, particularly in the Monterey Bay. The video above shows more than a dozen sharks, of various sizes up to 15-feet, just off the surf line.

The sightings have become so frequent in the area between Seacliff State Beach and Capitola, the locals have dubbed it “Shark Park.”

“It’s warm, calm, shallow water, and sharks come in there every single day,” said an expert. “We’re seeing it from the air, the boats are coming in, the surfers are coming in, the paddle-boarders, the kayakers, the swimmers.”

Scientists say that the water temperatures in the area have been slightly warmer than usual in the last couple of years, which has been attracting younger sharks. Historically they are more common near Southern California.

Experts expect to see even more great white sharks in August through October, when adult sharks typically return to the area after their migration to the deep ocean.

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