NOAA: Where Got the Most Snow in February, and How Does it Compare to the 12-Year Average?

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February 2021 Cumulative Daily Snowfall. Credit: NOAA

Results are in for February’s snowfall totals & departures from normal. Looks like every single state saw at least a trace of snow in February.

Heavy mountain snowfall in the NW-N, and definitely the largest positive departure from mean. The huge snowfall totals and deep bases in Washington, Oregon, and British Columbia are testament to this.

The Sierra Nevada in California definitely the area most below the 12-year mean. But we didn’t need science to tell you that, right?

The Rockies saw above-average snow in the Southern Plains & Midwest.

Note the bullseye along the I-95 corridor in the NE.

Meanwhile, well below normal in the Northern Plains.

February 2021 Cumulative Daily Snowfall Deviation from 12-Year Mean. Credit: NOAA

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