Mount Baker, WA Patrollers Trigger Massive Avalanche With 12-Foot Crown

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Credit: Powderchasers Facebook

With the most snow in the lower 48, patrollers at Mount Baker ski area in Washington have a job on their hands keeping the area safe for skiers and riders. The image above shows an explosive triggered avalanche, outside the ski area, with a crown of up to 12-feet. Whoa…

Ski patrol triggered an avalanche outside the ski area boundary using explosives and the results were incredible! This avalanche has a crown on it ranging in depth of 8 to 12 feet! That’s what a big snowy week with fluctuating temperatures can do! Be safe out there folks!

January has been especially snowy, with 143″ of fresh snow falling so far, taking the ski area past the 400″ for the season mark. They are reporting a 147″ base.


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