Mountain Artist Profile: Nicole Gatton

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Earn Your Turns | Original artwork by Nicole Gatton

Nicole Gatton is an amazingly inspired mountain artist. As mountain travelers, we are often presented with stunning views that we try to share with others. Our phone pictures are great, but they don’t always capture the true feeling of the moment. Nicole is able to turn those views and those visions into absolutely stunning artwork, unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. I’m quite fortunate to call Nicole a friend and sometimes I get to see the artistic process that she goes through to create her paintings.

Last Lap | Original artwork by Nicole Gatton

Nicole was born and raised in California where she developed an affinity for the outdoors. Her passion for the outdoors is what inspires her desire to create art. I met Nicole in college at CSU Chico, where she discovered her joy for mountain travel while getting a degree in Natural Resources Management and a teaching credential. Her time as a wilderness ranger, volunteer ski patroller, and educator has fueled this passion. Nicole says:

“My heart sings when I spend time at high elevation enjoying the majesty of the Sierra Nevada mountains. My art is a representation of my longing for the place that makes MY heart sing. I paint my dream! I have spent years learning how to make paint become the fantasy world that is the mountains. I paint in bold colors, with unique brush strokes, bringing to life the mountain landscapes that are based in reality, but live boldly in my head.  I seek to bring people the joy I feel every time I escape to my paradise.”

– Nicole Gatton

California Dreaming | Original artwork by Nicole Gatton

Nicole told me that recently she’d seen an Instagram post from skier Michelle Parker that spoke to her. She said that this was an inspiring image that she knew she had to put on canvas. Nicole reached out to Michelle, who was kind enough to let her use the image to create a piece of art that Nicole hopes does justice to Michelle’s work. Nicole says:

“I love following along with her adventures and I loved watching “The Mountain Why”. I hope that this painting does justice to her adventures. When I paint from a picture I always try to put my spin on it.  Paint it as I “see” it. That usually involves a LOT of colors and a twist on the beauty that nature provides.”

– Nicole Gatton

Mountain Magic | Original art by Nicole Gatton

Nicole Gatton can be found wandering the mountains, foothills, and beaches of Central California. She is attended by her wonderful daughters Isla and Emma and husband Chris. This family’s spirit of adventure is unmatched. Her artwork is available on her website, and she is always looking for inspiring images and stories to turn into art.

Isla, Chris, and Emma Gatton | Image: Nicole Gatton


Nicole Gatton wearing her own artwork – the girl’s got snow on her brains | Image: Nicole Gatton

Nicole’s artwork can be found on her Shopify site.

You can follow her on Instagram at nikigattonart

Original art by Nicole Gatton
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Purple Haze | Original artwork by Nicole Gatton


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