Mt Shasta Ski Park, CA Set to Open December 15

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Skiers and riders can be on the hill on December 15th for turns. | Image: Mt Shasta Ski Park

If you’re a skier or rider, it’s probably tiring talking about whether this resort, or that ski area, or the one in Canada is going to open—or even if lifts will be spinning at your favorite hill. Well, for Californians or those curious about Mt. Shasta Ski Park, they’ve just announced it will re-open on December 15.

“No Reservations will be required!” – Mt. Shasta Ski Park

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Image: Mt Shasta Ski Park

Despite conditions being pretty bleak so far, everything looks like a go. They’ve announced via their website that they’re still hiring, which is a good sign that they intend to stay open in the future. Yes, it all depends on what state and national officials say about social distancing and business operation protocols. Although, getting a pass doesn’t seem like such a bad idea because of their Pass Protection Program. This program guarantees a 60-day season, and if restrictions are put in place before 60-days of skiing and riding, they offer 1.67% per day of rollover credit for the following season.

Another cool thing the ski park is doing is allowing guests to sleep in their car and have access to sanitized restrooms and emergency services. Unlike many resorts across the US where sleeping in your truck bed or decked out rig is completely off the table, Shasta is letting it slide this year due to limited lodging.

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