VIDEO: Alpinists Set New Record for ‘Spaghetti Tour’ – Eighteen 4,000m Peaks in Less Than 14-Hours

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Mammut Pro Team athlete Nico Hojac sets a new speed record on the Spaghetti Tour.

Together with Adrian Zurbrügg, he climbed all 18 of the 4,000m peaks in the Monte Rosa massif in just 13 hours and 39 minutes. They beat the previous record of 14h35m set by Ueli Steck and Andy Steindl in 2015 by almost an hour.

The two Swiss alpinists started at 11 pm and managed to end their tour at around 12 am, after completing 29 km (18m) of distance and 4,500 vertical meters (14,764-feet).

The tour goes over 18 peaks, all of which tower above the 4000m (13,123-feet) mark. It starts from the Monte Rosa hut, and from there goes over the Monte Rosa massif, where the highest peak in Switzerland is located, to the Little Matterhorn.

Monte Rosa, Swiss Alps

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