New Ultra-Safe Tyrolia Protector Bindings Set to Launch in Spring 2022

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Tryolia’s release for the new Protector Attack Bindings

Coming in Spring 2022, Tyrolia plans to release the brand new Protector Attack Binding. The Tyrolia Protector Attack bindings are designed to give you a sleek look and keep your knees safe from any potential injuries. 

Attack 14 Bindings
The new bindings will come in four different colors: yellow, green, red (featured), and black.

Tyrolia prides itself on providing its skiers with bindings that allow them to ski all parts of the mountain – from the bunny slopes to the uncharted backcountry. The brand has invested a lot of time and effort into creating and developing the safest, strongest, and best-performing bindings on the market. The new Protector Attack bindings are said to be the lightest binding Tryolia has ever produced. Despite their lightweight, the bindings are stronger and stabler than ever.

The bindings are going to be the best performing of its class. On top of performance, they are also said by Snow Industry News to be “designed to reduce or alleviate serious, frequent and above all serious injuries in the knee and cruciate ligament area caused by backward twisting falls.” Active safety is the core value that Tyrolia upheld to the highest standard when creating the new bindings. Each binding is made with revolutionary technology that will change the game of safety on the mountain.

The new toe Full Diagonal Release toe construction that is included in the Power Attack bindings allows skiers to release horizontally and vertically. This feature will ensure maximum safety in the case of a backward twisting fall. In the toe of the binding, Tyrolia has designed it with four rollers and gliding inserts, which will protect a skier’s knees and ligaments. In case a skier falls forward, the binding is also made with the new Diagonal Heel DR-X construction. With a 150-degree release range in the heel, knees and ligaments will be extremely protected. 

Robert Stanzl, Director of Marketing and Sales at Tyrolia speaks highly of the new bindings:

“The Protector is the safest binding that we at Tyrolia have ever built. Never before has there been so much basic scientific research, medical and sports-scientific support for a long-term development project. And above all such detailed and result-oriented tests by internationally recognized scientific institutions, as with the Protector. Our thanks therefore also go to the University of Innsbruck/Tyrol, which has given us enormous commitment and sustained support in presenting the problem and examining the individual development steps.”

The level of confidence Tyrolia executives have in regards to the new Protector Attack bindings is infectious. It is exciting to see such time and effort being spent on making the safest technology possible so people can ski harder and longer. It is easy to see Tyrolia is a brand that puts skiers’ safety first, as their slogan for the new bindings is, “Only perfection provides safety.”

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    1. They have and they have been a bit of a lone voice in the wilderness. The industry has always said that, basically, you don’t need lateral heel release so this is a bit of a u-turn. I have always thought Knee were on to something but they just didn’t have the marketing budget to get the message out. They are not helped by the fact that their binding is based on quite an old chassis and doesn’t look very sexy. The new Tyrolia binding looks sleek and the safety message will resonate with the majority of skiers. I think it will be a success for Tyrolia but could be the end for KneeBinding. I feel a bit sorry for Knee but maybe they will benefit from the message getting out there. Who know?

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