NOAA: Comparison Of The March 5th Snowpack Of 2018 vs 2017 Across Utah & Colorado

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Solitude Mountain Resort, UT on 12/21/17. Image: Trent Nelson/Salt Lake Tribune

NOAA: Snowpack Comparison

So we are about a month out from when the snowpack reaches its normal peak depth and theoretically should contain the most liquid or snow water equivalent (SWE). The normal date for this peak in Colorado is April 9th and in Utah April 4th but the actual peak date varies in any given water year. 

This time series graph of snowpack for Colorado shows the current (dark blue) state of the SWE compared to normal (red) and 2017 (blue). As of March 5th the snowpack in the State of Colorado was 69% percent of normal and 52% of what it was on this date in 2017

UT snowpack data. Image: NRCS

Here is a similar graph for Utah, again not a lot of good news.

Snow Water Equivalent In State. Image: NRCS

Below is a visual map of SWE made using ground, airborne and satellite data comparing the snowpack of the past two years on March 5th. 

Snowpack comparison. Image: NRCS

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