Olympic Freestyle Skier Joss Christensen Calls Out Stalkers

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Image: Joss Christensen Facebook page courtesy of Todd Kupke

Christensen is an exceptionally talented freestyle skier who grew up in Park City, Utah.
Joss was first introduced to the sport at the age of 4 and has never looked back.  Growing up in Park City definitely had its perks as Joss was fortunate enough to always be surrounded by pro skiers, ski bums and other young talented athletes. Joss is no stranger to competition and has received many awards. Christensen gained mass public attention after he won gold in slopestyle skiing at Sochi 2014.


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So, freestyle skier Joss Christensen has stalkers now.  Joss Christensen took to social media this week to call out two female stalkers who he felt crossed the line. The two girls reportedly stalked Joss for a total of three days before he decided to take things public. On the first day they waited outside of his gym to get some photos (semi weird but also sort of okay). On the second day they were creeping around his moms house (not okay). Then on the third day they were walking around right in front of his cabin (super creepy).

In an Instagram post that has since been deleted, Joss wrote;  “To the two girls in the grey/brown Subaru who have been stalking me for the last three days, PLEASE STOP”.
Joss goes on to state he has a photo of the girls car/license plate and will hand it over to police if the two girls do not stop.  Although professional athletes do live their lives in the public eye we need to remember that they are just normal people and are entitled to privacy as well.


Nor further information has been released at present. Joss is currently  training and undergoing rehabilitation for his knee injury. He is hoping to qualify for South Korea 2018 by the end of the year.

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