ONE MORE SLEEP Before Revelstoke Opens Dec. 3rd…

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Revy Nov. 26, 2016.
Revy Nov. 26, 2016. PC: Revy

Revelstoke Opening Day Dec. 3rd

One more night before dreams become reality. I love days when you can say that and mean it…

What is waiting for us:

Revy conditions dec. 2 2016

What to expect:

Great conditions up top with over a meter of nice, settled base. Good skiing on The Ripper and Stoke chairs, but we’ll probably have to download at the gondola. Perhaps most certain are the large crowds. But not to worry, Sunday should be calmer and Monday empty with fresh snow! Not so much pow down low yet, but it’s coming:

PC: Opensnow
PC: Opensnow

And the 6-10 day, which is shaping up really nicely with continuous snow likely and low temps. We may be skiing down to the base in a couple of weeks.

PC: Opensnow
PC: Opensnow

The obligatory Chris Rubens clip:

60 cms since then…

See you out there!

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