NOAA 8-14 Day Outlook: Meteorological Fall is Upon Us | Frost Over Northern Great Plains

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temperature outlook, NOAA
8-14 day temperature outlook. Credit: NOAA

As we approach meteorological fall, here’s the NOAA’s outlook for the first week of September. Time to get those warmer garments out of storage…

Expect above-normal temperatures in the Aleutians, southern Mainland, and coastal areas of the Panhandle, and below-normal temperatures for Northern Mainland Alaska. Over the CONUS, above-normal temperatures are favored in the West, underneath the eastern extension of the East Pacific Ridge. The odds of above-normal temperatures have increased slightly in the Desert Southwest. The southern tier of the CONUS and the Northeast favor above-normal temperatures. The Upper Midwest favors enhanced odds for below-normal temperatures. Temperatures may be cold enough to result in the potential for frost over the Northern Great Plains.

Above-normal precipitation is favored for much of Alaska, except for the Panhandle where near-normal precipitation is favored. Below-normal precipitation is favored over much of the western CONUS. Weak odds of below-normal precipitation are predicted over the western Gulf Coast, as the storm-track is favored to remain north of the region. Above-normal precipitation is favored over much of the eastern CONUS, with elevated probabilities centered in the Ohio Valley.

outlook, precipitation,
8-14 day precipitation outlook. Credit: NOAA

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