Parts Of The Middle East Get Snow For The First Time In Years

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First Snow In 6 Years
Middle East First Snow In 6 Years|

Israel, Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan receive snow for the first time in nearly six years. The snowstorms disrupted traffic, canceled university classes, and even postponed coronavirus vaccination campaigns. However, religious venues were still occupied as people walked to holy sites for Judaism, Islam, and Christianity.

The snowstorm began on Wednesday evening and continued into Thursday, causing authorities to close roads and shut down public transportation. Gale force winds registering 52 – 62mph knocked out electricity throughout Lebanon, forcing many to rely on generators for longer than normal. The University of Damascus canceled its midterms due to extreme conditions. The area resumed normal services once the storm subsided.

Middle East First Snow
Artillery Gun Covered In Snow|

There was one reported death as a man died from hypothermia in the southern town of Kiryat Gat. The storm did not postpone the Premier League football tournament between Army Sports Club and Al-Karamah in the capital. The Covid-19 vaccination drive planned in Jordan was postponed due to the severe weather conditions, and many local schools and universities canceled their classes.

Middle Eastern Woman
Middle Eastern Civilian Walking In Snow|

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