Patagonia Backcountry Report: A Little Spice & A Little Nice in Some of the Most Gorgeous Terrain on Earth

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Report from July 27, 2023

Yesterday the weather looked iffy.

Clouds, fog, and sun at sunrise.

Sunrise here is about 9am here right now so you’re out there early.

As I was climbing up at dawn, it looked a little rough, but it looked like there’d be a chance for sun.

The bulk of the clouds were mostly a low fog that I hoped would burn off.

They mostly did.

By the time I was on top of the first south facing run, the clouds weren’t quite gone but that run which I call “Anubis Rock Chute” is always in the shade anyway.

I wasn’t sure if I should go straight for that chute because it’s steep, tight, and scary with a mandatory right turn.

If you miss that right turn, you’re crashing into a rock wall.

Spiners. image: snowbrains

It’s a weird line, but it’s kinda epic when it works right.

Once finally ready, I stomped and jumped on the snow at the top of the chute.


Up. image: snowbrains

The snow wasn’t deep and it wasn’t very good…

Kinda punchy and stiff.

I hacked a few turns down it before finally settling into gear and linking turns.

Bubbles. image: snowbrains

Instead of the mini chute to speed to rock wall missing right turn, it was so filled in I was able to skip the mini chute and do a small air and make a more manageable right turn.

It was the right call in this funky snow.

From there it was off to the races with a sweeping right turn onto a rocky curtain to a speed check turn to a mini-spine that ends in rocks.

Fortress. image: snowbrains

The whole thing went as well as it could have and I came speeding out the bottom with a hoot.

What a way to start the day!

From there I went for the Sun Chutes.

The Twin Towers. image: snowbrains

2 gorgeous chutes that face north and get cooked quick.

The first one was sunny and cruisey with sun-kissed snow and a nice straight-line out the bottom.

At the bottom, I ran into my old guide buddy Jorge and he was guiding some of my friends from California!

Layered towers. image: snowbrains

Too cool.

I raced after them, chatted them up a bit then bumped over to Sun Chute #2.

The fog rolled in and nearly shut me down but I waited it out and got a small window that I made work.

The 2nd chute was a bit more spicy with a long straight-line with a left turn in it and a solid adrenal gland squeeze.

Jorge and Miles. image: snowbrains

From there I raced after Jorge and crew to chat them up a bit more and plan a dinner before they all headed out of town.

Good times in a great place.

Thanks, Patagonia!


Run #1. image: snowbrains
Anubis Rock. image: snowbrains
Sun splash. image: snowbrains
Towers. image: snowbrains
Light. image: snowbrains
Hole in the rock shadow. image: snowbrains
Hole in the rock. image: snowbrains
Layers. image: snowbrains
Wind lines. image: snowbrains
Endless. image: snowbrains
Texture. image: snowbrains
Dreams. image: snowbrains
Rollers. image: snowbrains
Fin. image: snowbrains
Happiness. image: snowbrains
Wind tracks. image: snowbrains
Spines. image: snowbrains
Jorge and Sierra. image: snowbrains
Track. image: snowbrains
Up. image: snowbrains
Towers on towers. image: snowbrains
More towers. image: snowbrains
Jorge’s baby. image: snowbrains
Baby. image: snowbrains
Secret pizziaolo. image: snowbrains
Great pizza. image: snowbrains
Secret restaurant. image: snowbrains

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