Patagonia Backcountry Report: An Unexpectedly Fantastic Powder Day

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Report from August 17, 2023

I awoke late today and lazed around the house as I watched the local mountains submerge themselves in deep, wet clouds.

It didn’t really look like a good time.

At about 11 am, I decided I should go up there and have a look despite knowing for certain the snow wouldn’t be good and the light would be flat.

My line. image: snowbrains

As I rolled up, the clouds began to show some weaknesses…

I stormed into the mountains encouraged every step by faint shades of blue.

Suddenly, the sun came out for the first time this week.

Towers & Curtains. image: snowbrains

It quickly hid away again but not for long.

The sunny stretches got longer and longer until they were somewhat predictable and skiable.

I ripped skins and waited for a good-sized blue hole.

Rock art. image: snowbrains

I dropped into the heavy, supportable, wind-pressed snow and found it rather delightful.

I floated and sped.

Slashed and popped.

And very quickly ended up in the flats at the bottom of the short run.

I think being lazy was the win today.

Tree art. image: snowbrains

Had I gone out early I’d have done one run in the fog and headed home discouraged.

Instead I was lazy showed up late and kinda nailed it…

At the bottom of the run my clock read 3pm and I contemplated going back for another.

I decided to save my energy for the big storm cycle supposedly headed our way this weekend and the possibility of a bit more sun tomorrow.

I still can’t believe that the snow was good and the light was hot.

I’ve been here for 3 weeks now and there have only been 5 good days so far and I was beginning to lose hope.

I feel laser focused now…

Thanks, Patagonia!

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