Patagonia Backcountry Report: Getting Beat Down By “The Crack”

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Report from August 27, 2023

On Sunday, we got beat down by “The Crack” here in Patagonia…

This is a line we’d never skied before mostly because it’s in a dangerous zone – as we explain in the 3rd slide.

The first 15 turns were splendiferous!

Turns 16-61 we’re absolutely abysmal…

Punchy, unpredictable, icy, and just downright scary snow.

We even crashed into a rock wall and greatly modified the tips of our skis.

Once the chute gave way to the apron, turns 62-72 we’re dreamy, creamy, and nice.

“The Crack”. image: snowbrains

I was jubilant to have escaped from that chute. It took me about 15 minutes to ski the damn thing.

Rough experience and stoked I did it. It’s always neat trying out a new zone.

Most all the powder snow is cooked now after a week of sun.

Another storm is currently on the horizon and we need some rest before it delivers more of what we experienced the past 10 days.

This was ski day #220 for me.

I’m still gunning for 300 and I have until December 8, 2023, to get it done.

Fingers crossed for snow in North America in November.

Thanks, Patagonia!

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