Patagonia Backcountry Report: One Long Smoke Show of a Run on the Last Day of Our Season…

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Report from September 21, 2022

Last Wednesday was our last ski day in Patagonia.

Honestly, we weren’t ready to leave…

We usually stay until October but had to come home a bit early for family stuff this year.

Viento y Julian. image: snowbrains

Last Monday & Tuesday, we’d experienced perfect powder which doesn’t often happen here.

Usually, a wind comes in the night and changes all the snow to ‘carton’ (cardboard) which can be challenging to ski.

On Tuesday night, that wind must have blown.

Lago. image: snowbrains

The perfect powder was no longer powder and a stiff breeze was ripping around the valley.

We just skied one long run and the snow wasn’t great, but it sure looked great from the drone.

Smoke exploded from our skis with every turn as the wind blasted it back uphill like flapping curtains.

Windy… image: snowbrains

We had a great last run and ran into our buddy Julian up there which made the walk home better.

2022 was a banger season in Patagonia that we won’t forget soon.

Thank you, Argentina.


Smokeshow… image: snowbrains
Last day vibes. image: snowbrains
Skinner. image: snowbrains

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