Perisher, Australia, Report: Spring Snowdump Forecast

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Frozen Snowgum Trees at Guthega, Perisher, picture: Deb Priddle

The last few weeks of spring skiing are here and we are all starting to wonder what on earth we’re going to do from October on. I guess count down the time until we can ski in the Northern Hemisphere? But until the lifts stop spinning down under, we’ll be out there making the most of the gorgeous sunshine and incredible snow cover that has held up well despite above-freezing temperatures and some rain showers last week.

At the moment there are still 42 lifts running in Perisher Resort. On the Perisher side, Olympic and North Perisher are closed (which are not open often, anyway), and three t-bars in Smiggin Holes (Burke, Wills, and Hume). The cover lower down is getting thin but the entire resort is still skiable except for the lower part of Guthega towards the Guthega car park. You definitely have to take the chair down to the car park there now.

Last Sunday’s GS race at Mother-in-Law in Guthega, wrapping up the Interschools series, picture: Katherine Ostin

The entirety of Perisher Resort is still open and no announcement has been made yet about closing any areas. I would assume though that Smiggin Holes will be first to go due to the low elevation of the area. Cross-country trails are also still open but starting to thin in areas, watch out for holes or exposed vegetation. The 2.5km, 3.5km, 5km, and 7. km loops were groomed Tuesday but can be hard in the early morning, so it’d be best to wait for tracks to soften.

Cross country
Perisher cross country trails, picture: Julia Schneemann

Natural snow depth has shrunk back a bit more down to 73 in (186.3cm) at Spencer’s Creek. National Interschools finished last Sunday, wrapping up this season’s Interschools series and the resort is very quiet now. So come on down and enjoy some fabulous spring skiing in the sunshine!

Perisher Resort Map
Trail Map Perisher Resort, picture: Perisher Homepage


The Australian Bureau of Meteorology (“BOM”) is forecasting snow for this weekend as a wet weather pattern is moving in from the west which will meet a cold front over the Australian Alps. Temperatures are forecast to drop below the freezing point on the weekend, bringing us about 18-24in (45-60cm) of snow according to ‘The Grasshopper’. This coming weekend could bring us some amazing late-season powder skiing before the season wraps up. What a way to ring out the season!

The Grasshopper
The Weather forecast for the next 5 days by ‘the Grasshopper’, source:

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