Photo Tour: Apocalyptic Smoke Suffocates Pacific Coast as Wildfires Continue to Ravage the West

Clay Malott | FireFire
Smokey hell right outside my back door. Photo credit: Clay Malott

Note: all photos in this article are during total daytime and are completely unedited and true tone

I woke up this morning at 8 am for my first online class of the day only to be greeted by darkness in my room. I opened my curtains only to be greeted by a smoke-induced hellscape. I had to do some reality checks to make sure I wasn’t on Mars.

Orange glow through the skylight of my shower this morning. Photo credit: Clay Malott

I looked at some webcams all across the SF Bay Area only to find the same thing. Smoke had settled high up in the atmosphere due to a marine layer, casting the area in deep orange light.

Apocalypse in San Francisco. Photo credit: Hoodline

Interestingly enough, the air doesn’t actually smell like smoke. The air quality is not super bad. Here on the Penninsula of the Bay Area, the air quality has been in the 100-150 range. Not good, per se, but not as bad as it has been over the last 3 weeks that California has been choked by smoke.

The Bay Area is trapped by smoke from 16 primary fires to the north, east, and south. Low wind conditions make experts say these apocalyptic conditions may last for several days. Parts of California and Oregon may clear sooner.

Photo tour:

Pacific coast wildfire smoke satellite imagery. Photo credit: NOAA20 Daily MODIS
San Francisco through the Martian haze. Photo credit: Star Tribune
San Francisco this morning or Blade Runner 2049? Photo credit: Paul Byrne Twitter
Some surfers took the opportunity to grab some sweet shots. Photo credit: KQED
Apocalyptic red blankets Oregon. Photo credit: CBS News
Construction workers work in the smoke. Photo credit: The Press Democrat
Ocean Beach, SF or Martian sandstorm? Photo credit: Windy

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5 thoughts on “Photo Tour: Apocalyptic Smoke Suffocates Pacific Coast as Wildfires Continue to Ravage the West

  1. CA needs to reconsider the influence of environmental groups like the Sierra Club & Patagonia who have effectively regulated logging and commercial thinning of the forest into extinction.

    Fire is a natural thing. Native Americans used it extensively to create grass and areas for animals to feed.

    What is unnatural is the overgrowth of the forest over the last 50 years caused by too much environmental regulation. We are going to keep seeing huge fire seasons until we have a chance in mindset that it is OK to do some environmentally intelligent logging to thin out the forest and keep the fuel loads in control.

    1. 100% agree.
      You would let your garden just grow without weeding and thinning. The forest is no different.

    2. Then why did Oregon just have 5 town burn to the ground in a fire storm, they have the most aggressive logging program in the country! Washington also has a very aggressive program and they are burning down! Last year fires ravaged through the four corners area and two of those state are considered deserts!

      1. Because there are a bunch of anarchists from Portland setting fires. Why do the fires stop at the Canadian boarder?

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